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    Thousands of expats are relocating to Portugal every year. At the time of 2007 this country had 10,617,575 inhabitants who 332,137 were legal immigrants. Most expats originate from Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and also the United Kingdom. What precisely attracts a lot of people to this country? Listed here are six reasons to start a whole new life in Portugal:

    Breathtaking Beauty

    From churches and small fishing villages to courses, castles, and pristine beaches, Portugal offers a massive amount attractions. You will find there’s great balance of rustic country beauty along with modern elements and vibrant nightlife. A strict national program preserves parts of special biological interest.

    Outdoor recreation

    For active individuals and retirees, there exists plenty to do: sailing, biking, diving, swimming, and golf. Both for Portugal and Spain, golf is often a bigger attraction than beach. The golf courses within the Algarve offer variety when it comes to quality, price, and difficulty. You’ll find great facilities for biking, squash, tennis, climbing, and karting. You can also have pleasure in watching birds, visit amusement parks, and attend concerts.

    People and Community

    The Portuguese are friendly and welcoming. Many of them speak English. They are some of the nicest, most polite and relaxed people you may ever meet. This country features a culture where people keep things and also have a more relaxed pace of life.

    Low Costs

    Portugal is among the most inexpensive countries within the Eu. Property prices are similar to those invoved with Spain. Basic living prices for example trains and, health care, and property ownership taxes are low. Most services are cheaper than in Northern Europe. Local food and drinks can also be inexpensive. Expats transferring to Portugal try a 10-year income tax exemption.


    If you reside in Portugal, all the great cities of Europe are near your doorstep. You can check out London, Paris, Prague, Switzerland, Seville, Madrid, or Barcelona within some day. Located in southwestern Europe, this country borders the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west, and Spain to the north and east. You can find 82,900 kilometers of highways, 3,319 kilometers of railways, and 65 airports.

    Quality of Life

    Mild weather and safety are only two of the factors that give rise to a top quality of life in Portugal. Outdoor recreation, pleasurable, human rights, as well as a stable economy get this to country one of the better places to exist in Europe. Portugal hosts wonderful museums, natural parks, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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