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    If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (336) 744-5104

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    At a glance, here’s what you need to know:

    () The average cost to dry out a home is $2,700 (this doesn’t include any reconstruction efforts such as replacing floors that were torn out, drywall, etc.)

    () The average water damage insurance claim is $7,500 (including drying and reconstruction).

    () The price per square foot to cleanup…[Read more]

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    Talk to a live person, day or night • 602-730-9300

    A lot of water damage restoration companies miss critical elements when it comes to effective drying. Buildings act in the same was as sponges do, so just because you don’t visibly see water doesn’t mean that the building is completely dry. Add in headache of attic and basement water damage and y…[Read more]

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    Water damage in the home is often covered by homeowners insurance. For example, insurance may cover your losses due to a burst pipe or leaking appliance. However, if your home is flooded because a nearby river overflowed its banks, you’re on your own (unless you have a national flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance…[Read more]

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