Social Acceptance a Source of Competitive Advantage

The past election cycle has been one of the most disturbing periods of American politics. Not only the United States, but also the world have been affected by ideological views that most believed to have been left in a dark past. Most countries view presidential elections as times to celebrate democracy, and paths toward greater unity across political, religious, and racial divides. However, last year’s political climate has proven to be a total opposite. Many constituencies see this as regression toward harmony in a world that has embraced an unprecedented level of globalization over the last several decades

Our political views can drive our biases and possibly affect the way we conduct business. I am curious to learn, if individuals’ biases that were not socially acceptable in the past, and now are seen as the new norm, will affect the way organizations service their customers. Should organizations take a proactive approach and craft enterprise wide guidelines to deal with their employees political, religious, and racial views? I know… For the past several decades, organizations have incorporated “diversity” as positive for the development of businesses. However, have these efforts of inclusion proven to be effective? Will an organizational culture of “social acceptance” become a source of competitive advantage to the delivery of outstanding customer service?

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