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    No matter what age and gender, head of hair develops on average from one and a 50 % to 2 centimeters a month. However, many factors can influence its faster growth. For that reason, listed below are some tips that hair can become lengthier and more gorgeous within a reduced time.

    Head of hair Mask

    Nourishing locks masks have been proven to speed up hair growth. You can buy Vitality’s head of hair cosmetic products (Vitalitis), completely ready-made or get ready from the ingredients which are with the cooking. A face mask of one half lemon juice, 1 egg and a number of tablespoons of olive oil is the best set for all hair. Make it in your go for a quarter-hour, then rinse off. Once or twice a week you can repeat the procedure.

    Quality treatment

    Use high quality and moderate other, shampoos and conditioners hair cosmetics. If possible, dry your hair naturally, without a hair dryer. Do not overtighten them with tight elastic bands, and if a woman often puts them in a ponytail, give her hair a rest.

    Good diet

    A healthy diet plan full of vitamin supplements B, C, A and E vitamins – selenium, zinc, iron and magnesium and also healthy proteins, impacts speedier hair growth. Milk and dairy goods, grain, nuts, vegetables and fruits, and unrefined natural oils rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids should be taken day-to-day. It ought to be borne under consideration that cigarette smoking, in addition to consumption of alcohol, negatively affects hair growth.

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