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    The company "Polymer" is making polymer bags and film for over twenty five years. The important thing to the dependable accomplishment is really a group of knowledgeable skilled managers, engineers and leaders. Constant updating of the number of equipment, instruction of staff members, use of progressive technologies and researchresearch and development allows the company "Polymer" to get among the executives in the Ukrainian market of polymer merchandise. Top Ukrainian companies, European companies and also other popular brand names spot requests for packages and films without and with a logo design.

    Modern day computerized extruders are installed on the extrusion section. The company’s strategy of equipment is complemented by a high-performance extrusion line for the production of video. With the help of our practical capabilities, we can create offers and films associated with a size and modification.

    These are biopacks, eco packets (starchy foods), banana provides, T-tshirt packs, trash features, preparing features, logo design packages, easy-to-open take care of packages, liner hand bags, washing hand bags, free of moisture inns and cleaners. Within the "Goods" segment you can get familiar with this list of preferred products among our customers, in addition to talk to the administrator and make an order.

    To accomplish this, we use unprocessed resources from well-known European and Ukrainian manufacturers. The movie is generated in the most up-to-date high-technical equipment, these products obtain specific features with the addition of stabilizers, dyes and bio-degradable artificial additives. According to their technical requirements, thanks to scientific and innovative approaches, our customers receive products.

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